Weight Control

Have you been trying to lose weight for many years with little success?  Do you find that you have no sooner lost the weight than you return to old eating habits?  Many dieters are well aware of which foods are healthy and low in energy and which foods are to be eaten in moderation, but still find themselves overeating and making poor food choices.

If you find that you crave certain foods or often binge, then successful weight loss may have more to do with the reason WHY you eat too much.   Overeating is often a symptom of a different underlying problem and may have very little to do with WHAT you eat.

In hypnosis it is possible to find and treat the CAUSE of the overeating. Once you have dealt with the cause of the problem the resulting effect of overeating disappears, allowing the excess weight to be lost quite naturally and with little effort.

For those who are very overweight, I can now apply a Virtual Gastric Band using hypnosis. This has proved very successful and, of course, carries none of the risks of surgery and is a fraction of the cost.